Sunday, 14 March 2010

Oh la la!

Stepping out with my baby to Wimbledon the other day. It wasn't until I slung my trusty satchel over my shoulder that I realised I had come dressed like a French schoolgirl from a cartoon! The saddest thing is, this is not the first time I have dressed up like a big French stereotype either.

I spoiled myself with a black net ra-ra with black dots (it's so cute, I can't wait to wear it!) some Milliput for a project I'm obsessing over, and we swung by Hotel Chocolat for some treats. Lillian got me about 40 chocolates from there for Valentine's day- They were all gone within a few days despite my vow to limit myself to one every night after dinner. I tried!

Shirt- H&M
Dress- Made it myself
Tie- Ebay
Tights- Gift from my mum
Shoes- Office
Blazer- New Look
Beret- Elys
Satchel- Ebay again

Monday, 1 March 2010

Hey! It's Me!

Hooray, I have one follower, and it's Lillian! And even though she knows what I look like already and indeed took these photos, I am going to go ahead and post them anyway.

This was me on the weekend off to get some fabric to make up a sample, I was told 3 and ended up meeting at 6 so I was knocking around the house a lot. Check out the lovely fireplace/flamingo details of our garden.

Shirt- Ebay
Dress- Topshop. It's falling apart and has very crappy boning that I'll remove.
Tie- Primark
Fishnets- Anywhere, the only pair I have without ladders or holes now.
Shoes- Schuh
Lipstick- Barry M 117.