Thursday, 5 July 2012

Disneyland Paris- Part 2

More pictures from Disneyland Paris!

I love Mainstreet USA, with it's 1890s nostalgia. There are even Gibson Girls and gentlemen in seersucker and handlebar moustaches running around. I love all the fake shop fronts and posters, it just makes me sad that I can't actually buy anything! I would definitely get these skates:

Lillian spying from the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse.

Sleeping Beauty's castle! I think it's our favourite Disney castle in terms of design. I just want to live in there!
Then I got super excited because I met one of the mice from Cinderella! I should have asked her for some sewing advice while I was there.

Disneyland Park! What a beautiful building. I need to save up like crazy and come back so I can get a room there!
Lillian and Buzz Lightyear! I feel I need to provide a closeup so you can fully appreciate this:


  1. loll... Great ending! Intentional? Long lost relative? :D

    You're making me want to go there now, I'd kind of cast my wishes aside but they're still there! How bizarre! looks so sweet and cheery.
    But it's sad that they don't sell what they advertise, pah, what rotters.

    I've always wondered what the Disney characters do, especially the ones totally covered up.

    I love both of your shiney red bags =)

  2. Thanks so much Maya! It's such a brillaint place. I kind of love how fake it is. i think being a Disney character in a full costukme would be great, because you could be scowling the whole time and nobody would ever know- The poor Princesses have to grin all the time, their faces must hurt!

  3. I was kidding! I like how everything is so designed and looks to have that amazing sort of flatly chunky animated feel =) looks so fun to walk around in!
    Haha.. If you're just not in the mood- no-one has... annnyy ...ideaaa. (~u~) The princesses must have really strong face muscles! Like gymanasts!