Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Disneyland Paris- Part 3

Okay, so it's the final post from Disney! Brought to you by Walt Disney Studios, home of the Aerosmith Rock n' Roller Coaster!

Ahh, Captain Eo. The greatest, cheeseiest, most ridiculous thing in Disney! Watch and marvel at Michael Jackson being the galaxy's most unconvincing space captain!

Lillian in her natural habitat, the sweet shop.
I love this cute little pumpkin patch!
The teacups are one of my favourite rides, but I always have to go on alone because they make Lillian feel sick. I love having a twirl myself!
The Cinderella Carousel, aw yisss!
These amazing mushrooms live at Downtown Disney. It's great to step up to one and feel like a tiny pixie.
We met Dale in his cute little ghost costume! I always liked Dale better than Chip.
We also met Gideon! He was throwing out gang signs the whole time. Bad Disney representative!
Lillian and her kindred spirit, Rex.
Umbrellas over Cherbourg! Lillian wants this in our house. It was so hard getting this photo because of a scumbag kid who kept deliberately getting into my shot. You can see him in the glass at the far left. >:(
We got pretty addicted to Coca Cola on this trip.
One more ride before we leave Disney!
We had one day before we went back to have a whirlwind trip of Paris! I have never been before, and I absolutely loved it! I'm definitely coming back, once I've brushed up my GCSE French.
That's all for now! x


  1. Oh my god! haha all these childhood flashbacks of the old Disneyland adverts they had- I think it's on a Disney video they have this major bonus film made and Michael Jackson's in it and there's lightning lol! the white suit brought it all back haha
    You two look the best- love it.
    Looks like a fun time was had.

  2. Thank you, we had an amazing time! :) I really can't wait to go back, maybe it's nostalgia from going when I was a kid, but I just feel so happy and magical when I'm there. Haha, I want to see that film, it sounds epic! It brings me back to being little and thinking Michael Jackson ruled the world or something. he always seemed more of a weird superhero than a pop star to me! xx