Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra

Still going through old photos I'm afraid! The good news: I am nearly done with 2010. The bad news: I have a lot from 2009! It's fun to remember all these good times though.
Here's us off to see The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra, a big favourite of ours run by Martin White, who is very talented, extremely nice and a big staple on the swinging London scene! Please check out the MMFMO, or try out the Kareoke Circus. It's kareoke with a live band and sometimes an entire orchestra. How can that not be absolutely brilliant?

This particular gig was at the Lumiere, with Foster & Gilvan, possibly my ultimate favourite anything ever. I was so excited!

Jacket: New Look
Shirt: H&M
Tie: Tie Rack
Dress: Borrowed from Lillian
Ring: Disney Couture

This was right around when I got obsessed with tailoring and all things tweed. I would wear my tweed hacking jacket in roasting hot weather. Worst timing, as usual!

 The only good place to take photos in our house at night is in the utility room, which we use like a shed, so sorry for the rubbish-filled photos!
 The plastic bin-bag is a particularly nice touch.
 Luckily, Lillian can look fabulous in any environment!

 Stunning beauty, I love that hat on her. Too bad Digby ate the pom pom on it!
 Perfect outfit to go and listen to sea shanties in!


  1. I adore that jacket! I really like the fact you wear shirts & ties under dresses, its very stylish. Also, Lillian's sailor dress is amazing! :)