Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Return of the silly French outfit!

Sorry for neglecting this blog lately! I've been busy with various bits and pieces, but now I'm going to get back on track- I'm happy to say I've started Lillian's Bombshell dress. I'm using this Craftsy course by Gertie of the New Blog For Better Sewing, and I can really reccommend it so far! If I had been working on this pattern on my own, I would have probably been very frustrated by now, but the classes are very straightforward and really good at anticipating fitting issues with this pattern (hint: the cups are tiny and there's a very good section on how to do an adjustment to get the right cup size) It feels really good to be sewing again, I can't wait to see how this will turn out!

Anyway enough ramble, this is meant to be an OOTD post!

 This is the exact same outfit as last time, so the only reasons I'm even posting these is 1. Everything is better with Perry, and 2. I think I had nicer hair in these!

I still have a lot of old photos I want to post about, so they should be coming up soon xx

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