Friday, 1 June 2012

Brighton Sailors

Wow. I've really neglected this thing! Time to catch up.

I'm wearing:
Beret: Elys
Bathing costume: Made myself
Socks: Elys
Shoes: Office

Okay, so imagine it's still 2010! And it's a trip to Brighton. I don't really remember if we dressed to coordinate, (if so I can't compete, Lillian has so many lovely sailor outfits!) but I do recall that I made that Victorian-style bathing suit I'm wearing. It turned out okay, but was a real pain to sew because everything on the pattern was much too oversized. I'd like to make another someday that doesn't look like a cheap costume!

Aww, this picture makes me smile! It's our cat Weevil, when he was still a kitten. I'm sad I didn't take more pictures of him as he grew up.

Pretty Lillian at Scoop Crumb, which is an amazing place where you can get great icecream that's all made on site. I went there recently, and had some amazing Cinnamon Cookie icecream.

At Brighton beach.

I love the old carousel on Brighton pier! One of my dreams is to have a carousel horse of my own one day. I'd mount it in the kitchen at the breakfast bar. Maybe one day I'll eat my Weetos on horseback!

Pretty lights on the pier.

That's all for now! I'll be back soon with more.

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