Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Summer Walk

Uggh, I feel like the whole of London is under one giant dark raincloud at the moment- It's freezing cold as well (winter coat weather) and to top it off I woke up with a cold today! It's meant to be June!

At least I can blog about summery things, right? Like this summer outfit from 2 years ago: 

T Shirt: Lazy Oaf
Pettipants: Malco Modes
Sunglasses: From a shop in Brighton, can't remember which one! 
Lace Tights: Topshop (these are really cool, they have a back seam)
Glitter Shoes: Primark 

I love to wear square-dance style pettipants as shorts in hot weather, they're, comfy, cheap, come in all colours and are easy to customise with bows, etc. And they have a double life beneath dresses to stop thigh-rub! If you look on eBay you can often find lots of 5 pairs in a rainbow of colours.

 Miss Minnie the terrier! She's so beautiful, but she does not appreciate being picked up when she has a walk to be on!

Lovely rose garden in our local park. 

Oh well, at least I can wear my nice winter dresses for a little longer!


  1. I love how the poodle on your tee is kinda like you, in poodle form? *slaps self for wording that like it's an insult haha*

    Never even heard of pettipants before but they look fab, need to check them out myself!!

  2. Pettipants? Never heard of them. They are so me. Off to Malco Modes.

  3. I have being wanting shorts like that forever! They look amazing on you. :)

  4. Thanks guys!

    Julie: That is an AMAZING compliment, thank you! I wish I looked more like that guy!

    Jaljen: They're incredible- they are seriously as comfortable as walking around in your pjs cause they're elasticated.

    Sian: Thanks! Ooh, go for it, they're so much cheaper than buying an actual pair of shorts. Plus, frilly! <3