Monday, 18 June 2012

A Very Quick Picnic

Just a nice relaxing picnic in the garden- so nice until it decided to pour! I remember we ate the rest of it indoors watching Strictly Ballroom :P We still had fun!

Lillian looking like a vintage lady. I love her hair!

Super poncy, super sour pink lemonade from this amazing speciality food shop near me that is now closed. Oatfields, I still love you!

Lillian had classy French cola from the same place.

Gorgeous Omlette came out to enjoy the air with us. I miss her so much. She looked like a tawny owl and loved to be stroked incessantly!

And this is Jim, the beautiful old man who is now sadly gone too. RIP lovelies.


  1. Came over from Lillian's!

    Omlette is the most gorgeous name for a cat! Both of you are gorgeous too! I've seen that lemonade out and about, I'll have to try some now I think... tasty tasty.

    (my blog is down for the moment)

  2. Hi Maya, thanks so much!
    The lemonade is indeed tasty, but be wary- it's so sour and not sweet at all! If you like really sour tastes it's terrific. I had to put a little sugar in :P