Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Deep

I'm dying to go to the Natural History museum. It's half-term though (shudder) and with the Jubilee and Olympics double-whammy I'd have to be crazy to go now, so maybe I'll get to go in the autumn.

So here's a trip to there from two years ago to see The Deep- a special exhibition focusing on the deep sea. Oh man, it was incredible!

 Jumper: Espirit
Shirt: Hawes & Curtis
Tutu: Miss Selfridge
Tights: Just plain black tights
Shoes: eBay
Ring: Disney Couture
Pipe Necklace: Anna Lou of London

Dachshund bum: Digby

 Aw, Lillian looked so cute that day! I love her Minnie Mouse bow and colour scheme.
 My favourite part of the museum is by the dodos! They're not real dodos, just models. I wish there was a surviving specimen (or even better, live dodo) so I could see what they really looked like.
 Amazing angler fishes! These guys were tiny.
 Light up hatchet fish model:
 Model of an awesome gulper eel. How can he even be real?
 These are the best photos I managed to get. I have others, but they're all really bad because the whole thing was in the near darkness. Even these ones do the subjects no justice!
I leave you with the squid guy from the gift shop. He looks embarrassed to be seen with me.


  1. Ooh the natural history museum looks like soo much fun! I hope you two had a lovely time.

  2. I love your hair. Is it still the same? And Lillian's playsuit. Great fabric print.

    Dammit, just go. Ignore the brats!

  3. Julie: Thank you so much! :)

    Arika: It's amazing, I could live in there! If you love animals it's heaven!

    Jaljen: Thanks! It basically is, just a bit longer. I wish I was brave enough to go. I went there by mistake at half term once though- I still get flashbacks! Ah well, good things are worth waiting for.