Monday, 4 June 2012

Trip to a Castle

If you're wondering why we look totally different here from the last couple of posts, it's because this is from 2009. The continuity in this blog is terrible, and won't get any better, but that's so I can get caught up and start posting stuff from this year!
Jumper: Upper 5th
Tulle Skirt: Home made (I made tons of tutus like this in lots of different colours)
Tights; Just plain ol' fishnets
Headscarf: Scrap of leftover tulle
Glitter Shoes: Primark
Lipstick: MAC Morange

 This is one of my favourite photos ever. Look at me and Perry having a laugh!
These are the castle grounds in my home town in Ireland. They're so beautiful, and have lots of gorgeous woodland to explore as well. Perry loved going on this walk, he did get rather fed up of being constantly scooped up for photos though.

 Amazing castle ruin.
 Lillian looking cute next to Ireland's most badass door.

 White haired beauties!

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