Friday, 29 June 2012

Brighton Binge!

Fun daytrip time! I love daytripping, it's my favourite thing to do on my day off, especially if it's Brighton. I always feel like I've been on a mini holiday and come back all happy and refreshed.

It strikes me that my hair from this period would be quite fashionable right now- really overgrown roots with super fadeout. I could have been Tumblr famous if I was 2 stone lighter!
Cardigan: Topshop
Necklace: Cicely Margo (My favourite necklace of all time!)
Fairground Dress: H&M Kids (borrowed from Lillian)
Tights: Also borrowed from Lillian
Glitter shoes: Primark
Sunglasses: Shop in Brighton

Let's talk about this necklace for a second! Cicely custom made it especially for me to reflect all the things I love, and she did an amazing job. It really is my ultimate favourite and comes out only on special occassions. You can see a close up on Cicely's Flickr.
Lillian lent me her fairground dress- it has the most adorable print! It's also super comfy, I need a shirred summer dress like this for myself.

Adorable Sailor girl Lillian!

I love this mermaid playsuit, it suits her so well, don't you think?

Chillin on the train, dreaming about lunchtime.

Lunch at the Mock Turtle is never anything less than amazing! Lillian always gets a massive meringue with lashings of whipped cream. It's a properly old fashioned tea room, of the kind Starbucks have all but completely wiped out. I'm so glad it seems to be really popular and a hot spot to get a proper cream tea.

My favourite is the Welsh Rarebit. It's cheesy heaven on a plate!

Later we headed down to the front, where there is a mini museum of old coin operated machine. Lillian found the perfect one for her!

I love this sign, I wish I could hang it up in my house!

Lillian made a flying friend down on the pier!

If you're in Brighton and have a sweet tooth, the Angel Food Bakery in the Lanes is a must! I don't understand anyone who wouldn't want to bury their head in one of these:

I mean, check out my amazing Rainbow Brite cupcake!

Lillian's lovely strawberries and cream cupcake- it had strawberry jam inside!

That's about it for now! Until next time x


  1. I really love your style, Lillian's too! That necklace and the print on your dress is absolutely adorable. I think the mermaid playsuit looks gorgeous on Lillian. This makes me want to go to the seaside so much!

  2. aww such sweetness! The rainbo brite cupcake really is rainbow brite, perfect colours. I love cream teas! I love that they have those willow plates there, nice touch! Thanks for mentioning it, I'll write it down to go when I might take a trip to Brighton.
    I love that dress, the pattern really is adorable and I got inner squeel when I saw the puffy poodle- that is cuteness!
    <3___<3 <-- this whole post

  3. Lovely! I love both yours and Lillian's style! And Brighton seems amazing! (Especially those cupcakes!)

  4. Sian: Thanks lovely. I'd love a trip to the seaside soon too! *looks outside at the rain*
    Maya: I know, it's amazing! I was there recently and had a Terry's Chocolate Orange cupcake! The Mock Turtle reminds me and Lillian of Madam Puddifoots in Harry Potter, all chintzy and cosy with china plates on the walls. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!
    Kathy: Thank you! Yes, Brighton is amazing, especially for eating! We usually spend most of our time going from place to place just stuffing ourselves!

  5. Such lovely outfits!! Your photos all look lovely as well!